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My username is ephraim. You should send personal mail (remarks about food allergy, hobbies, or being named Ephraim) to me at vishniac.com. You should send professional mail (your resume, for example) to me at abinitio.com. If your mail is rejected, perhaps your domain is blacklisted. In that case, try mailing me at alum.mit.edu, which seems not to blacklist so strictly. As a last resort, try writing to me as ephraimephraim at gmail.com. Gmail has completely different filtering - you might get through.

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You'll no longer find any "mailto" URLs with my exact e-mail address here, because I'm tired of mail from scum-sucking spammers who scan web pages for victims. Spammers only: Send mail here. It will be discarded, unread, after training my spam filter. Others: Don't laugh! Spammers send to every address they can find, no matter how it's described.

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Last Modified: January 4, 2005